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stands for 'Animal Technology Osmotic Machine' GUN that is a “JET INJECTOR”,

a medical instrument delivering medication under the skin without a needle.

“ATOM GUN” is needle-free jet injector which is optimized for penetrating the skin and delivering medication to the cortex through a number of clinical researches and trials considering features of skin tension of livestock such as pig, cattle etc.

By applying the optimum pressure value to maintain the medicine to the desired penetration depth, our "ATOM GUN" aims to contribute to the formation of better antibody value for reducing pain and promoting more uniform vaccination in livestock.

Needle Free Jet-injector ATOM-GUN

Needle Free Jet-injector ATOM-GUN

Needle Free Jet-injector ATOM-GUN
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How can I inject without a needle?


The ‘syringe with needle 23G’, which is widely used in general internal medicine department, has a needle diameter of 0.635mm (needle for drawing blood, 18G=1.27mm) while the size of nozzle hole from which the drug in our injector is shot is very small and fine, ranging from 0.23 to 0.25mm.


While conventional needle injector uses a needle to secure the path of drug penetration into the skin and slowly pushes the drug into the body by using the force of the fingers,


"Jet injector" employs high-pressure jet of liquid medication to penetrate the skin and deliver medication under the skin by sticking fine nozzle holes to the skin. That is, the liquid medication functions as a needle in a moment.

"Jet injector" penetrates each layer of the skin and goes straight to a certain depth. When it reaches the barrier of the skin, it delivers the medication in a way that spreads out horizontally and evenly in an instant along the texture of the tissue.


This allows you to “deliver medication to the desired penetration layer more evenly and faster than needle injector without the fear of needles.

This kind of needle-free drug delivery method is defined as “Jet injector” academically in oversea.

What kind of inoculation can this machine use?


"ATOM GUN Ver 1.0" is designed to automatically administer approximately 0.55cc of medication per operation. The targeted penetration layer of the medication is optimized for "intradermal" use, and multiple clinical trials targeting pigs for administering the Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine have been completed, confirming the rate of antibody production.

In the future, accessories will be supplied to allow for various doses of medication based on consumer requests.

(혈청) 19-4992 산수유농장_1.jpg
(injecting 0.5cc of drug one time on the same day as the Week 8 + injecting 0.5cc of drug one time on the same day as the Week 12 / carrying out blood collection test before shipment)
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