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No Needle No Pain!
Needle-Free Automatic Injector
Promotes Animal Welfare

Advantages of ATOM GUN


Constant depth of drug penetration


Fast drug

delivery rate


Simple and Easy operation

  • Simple preparations

  • ​Easy-to-understand with pictorial illustrations

  • Keep it clean! Easy disassembly & Heat sterilization possible

  • Compatible with all intradermal vaccines

  • 0.55cc per administration

  • Quick-charge detachable battery

  • Over 1,000 administrations per hour

  • ​Uniform inoculation results

  • Consistent vaccination results

  • No injection pain or cross-contamination due to needles


It has two bouttons? Don't worry! You will learn it in five minutes!

A single battery can administer injections for 700 to 800 animals? That's amazing!

Wow! It operates just by attaching the battery and the medication vial?

Oh, that's great for preventing miscarriages!

How the ATOM GUN works

Animal Technology Osmotic Machine
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The 'Animal Technology Osmotic Machine,' abbreviated as ATOM, is a “JET INJECTOR” that enables needle-free vaccination. Developed through numerous experiments and clinical trials considering the skin elasticity of animals such as pigs and cows, it is an automatic injector optimized for intradermal medication penetration.

The 'ATOM GUN' applies optimal pressure to achieve the desired depth for drug penetration. Our goal is to alleviate pain in livestock and establish a more standardized vaccination process, thereby enhancing antibody production.

Commonly used 23G needles in general medicine have a diameter of 0.635mm, whereas the nozzle hole size of our injector, ranging from 0.23 to 0.25mm, is significantly finer (compared to venipuncture needles at 18G = 1.27mm).

Traditional needle injectors use the needle to create a drug penetration route in the skin and slowly administer the drug through finger pressure. In contrast, our 'spray-type injector' relies on the robust ejection pressure of the device, utilizing an extremely fine nozzle hole to achieve instant drug delivery. This approach harnesses the drug itself to mimic an 'instantaneous needle-like function'
(a needleless injection technique).


Initially, it penetrates skin layers in a direct line to a specific depth.

Upon encountering the resistance layer, the drug rapidly spreads horizontally along the tissue's structure.


This delivery method enables the drug to reach the target penetration layer 'evenly and swiftly,' eliminating the pain associated with needles.


Injectors using this mechanism are well-recognized academically abroad, labeled as 'Jet-injectors'.

How to use ATOM GUN in a video


ATOM GUN information(eng) test

ATOM GUN information(eng) test
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ATOM GUN information(eng) test

ATOM GUN information(eng) test

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