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No Needle No pain

​Auto injector that does not need a needle



We are going to put the Needle free auto injector for livestock on the domestic market in march,2020

Auto syringe for human vaccination will be released in the fourth quarter of 2020


What is
your purpose?

Needle free auto injector for livestock can help to reduce the occurrence of abnormal meat
caused by vaccination with needle injector
If you are a livestock keeper , you have to vaccinate your animals to prevent disease and raise the market value.(typically in the muscular part of the neck). Among the various mandatory
vaccines, the side effect of FMD vaccine causes incidence of abnormal meat such as granuloma
or abscess formation at the injection site in pork and its associated economic losses.

recent global research studies and clinical trials in Korea show that the 'incidence of
abnormal meat' is significantly decreased with 'intra-cortical injection'.

Accordingly, we have developed a special injector to realize 'intra-cortical injection', which is difficult to implement with a needle syringe due to the characteristics of livestock

Atom gun can be used for a foot -and-mouth vaccine as well as other intradermal vaccines

of the device


  •  Prevent transmission of infectious agents with one & only campaign (One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time)

  • Promoting efficiency in carrying out vaccinations through automatic operation method

  •  Increasing antibody incidence rate with more precise drug penetration

  •  Good design and easily understandable menu configuration

  •  Replacing expensive imported devices

  •  Hygienically managing device through easy assembly and disassembly

  • Professionally managing device through maintenance agreement

  •  Adopting SUS 316, which is highly resistant to rust and other corrosion

For better hog raising


are making continuous efforts to achieve three goals.

For a better

'Safe food production, Efficient environment for the pig, and Animal welfare'.

Clean pigs !! World-class productivity!!

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